MedEnv: Intersections in Medical and Environmental Humanities Network


Funded by the Wellcome Trust, this network is led by Clare Hickman (Newcastle University) in collaboration with Chris Pearson (University of Liverpool) and Victoria Bates and Marianna Dudley (both University of Bristol).

Our key goal is to establish a network and programme of activities that explore the intersection between medical and environmental humanities. Our ambition is to lead research in this field from an historically-informed humanities standpoint and to develop future research collaborations to consider the rich nature of human and non-human interrelationships and their impact on health and wellbeing. One of our main aims will be to explore how the humanities can be of value in understanding the challenges facing humans and non-humans (which includes the environment as well as animals) in relation to physical and mental health concerns posed by climate change, environmental degradation, and animal-borne diseases.

This website will include information on our planned activities as well as highlighting research in this developing area.

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Funded by the Wellcome Trust. Grant number 218165/Z/19/Z